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Booking Agent

One of the translations for „Wilde“ within the English dictionary is „the independant way of living“. Therefor the name of the agency fits perfectly to the profile. To stay open and flexible, aswell as to give new influences space and love, this is the spirit of Wilde Agency. Though the name Wilde actually originated from the nickname: Patrisha Wilde.

Booking Agent

The main parts in Sebastians career have been always related with events and electronic music. Starting to throw his own club events in his home town while working in a record store and writing interviews and reviews for magazines, he moved to Hamburg to work for a digital distribution company responsible for all electronic music stores and labels. Later he became a free lancer and started with event consulting and DJ-booking for bigger corporate events like Nokia or Carlsberg in Hamburg and Berlin. After some experiences in advertisement agencies for Social Media he went back to his roots and worked as a booking agent in a small agency. After some time he moved with his artists to WILDE and is devoloping his career as agent since.


Stefanie is handling the accounting department at WILDE since many years.

Booking Agent

Since 15 years I am active as a musician and producer in a variety of areas. In 2008 I started my own business in Vienna with my own recording studio and record label. Besides my work in numerous bands as a drummer, I founded the successful project “My Secret Playground”(2008), which still exists. Under this name, I also began to produce film music.
In 2010, I decided to shift my center of life to Berlin. The city offers the perfect environment for creative work.
Since 2014 I organize the “My Secret Session” in Berlin , where DJs and Musicians share their musical ideas.

In October 2014 I started to work for the famous Booking Agency Wilde.
My passion is film and the implementation of new innovative ideas that combine different genres.

Booking Assistant

Sara just joined the WILDE Agency team as booking assistant for Sebastian.

She worked before for several festivals in the organization, artist care and itinerary coordination.

Booking Agent

Sarah heads up the fantastic Arms & Legs records – the label from Daniel Steinberg – which under her lead has featured a long line of killer remixes & releases from respected artists including Oliver Dollar, Paul Johnson, 808 State, Nick Holder, Jay Haze, DJ W!LD & Crazy P. Her role running Arms & Legs extends  naturally to bookings and events for label boss Daniel Steinberg and his close family of Arms & Legs artists.

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Booking Agent
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