Paris Liamis world

Offenbach / Germany

Paris Liamis , born 1985 with greek roots in Offenbach/ Main .

After many years of practice and pursuing his passion, he started producing music in 2008.
In 2010 he was owner and CEO of Sonido Records.

In 2010 and 2011 he organized Bar Sonido“ a label night at Cocoon Club Lounge and released a
successful EP „For the funky (Son011)“ which lead to gigs in Paris, Göteborg, Genova and
Barcelona .

Paris decided to go further with his sound passion and started to study Digital Media Sound at the
University of Applied Science in Darmstadt .

In University he specialized in music production, music history, sound recording, Recording History,
Media conception ,Media History ,Media Philosophie and last but not least Contemporary Media

In 2014 Paris made a 6 month intenrship as Soundengineer at Scala Club London (King´s Cross).
In 2015 he released one Track on the Suruba X Various Artist Compilation, his collaboration
included to creat a Audiovisuell installation ,which was exhibied at the Showroom of the University

His Bachelor-Thesis was a research for 3D Binaural in combination with a selfmade short movie.
Paris finished his Bachelor degree within a regular period and started postdoc his Master degree
program in Leadership in the Creative Industries.

he started at the „3D- Wavefield Synthese Frauehofer IDMT SSW“ research group and got a
position as Tutor for 3D Audio (University of Applied Science Darmstadt ).
Paris created the Sounddesign for a Sony and ??? (drei fragezeichen) projekt which was for
Display over the Frauenhofer IDMT SSW system at the planetarium in Hamburg . Furtherore Paris
wrote a Master thesis „the medium is the message and the message is vital reality.“ about the
awareness of humans and the effect of media.

For the practical part he created over The Frauenhofer SSW-System a Soundwalk through his
hometown Offenbach.

He passed his Master degree as well in a regular time frame and decided to enjoy his knowledge
and build u a new studio room after his academic careerand and to fully dedicate himself first to
his heartbeat music and after 4 month Ghetto Technó was ready to be released.

Offenbacher Bubb (release 11.2014 SurubaX )

Timos & Paris Liamis - For The Funky (Sonido011)

Paris Liamis - Mika (Sonido013)

Paris Liamis - Never Forget (snippet )