My Secret Playground GSA, Worldwide

Berlin / Germany
Date Venue City Country
17.3.2018Club InsomniaBerlinGermany
24.3.2018Club InsomniaBerlinGermany
10.11.2018Freundlich und KompetentHamburgGermany
25.12.2018Grauer HofAscherslebenGermany

My Secret Playground is an electronic indie-band from Berlin, founded in 2007 by the Viennese musician and music producer Floran Herzberg. Its debut-EP “No Excuses” appeared in 2008. This was followed by various film-music projects, among others for the Austrian broadcasting corporation (ORF), remixes for bands like Radiohead, and a gig on the main stage of the Danube Festival.

In 2010, Florian moved his playground to Berlin, a transfer that significantly changed the musical direction of his work. The band’s current instrumentation amplifies its electronic elements with drums, bass, saxophone, trumpet, vocals and guitars. Live performances of Parov Stelar and the clubbing scene of Berlin had a decisive impact on the new sound of My Secret Playground. Catchy pop tunes are complemented with melancholy synthesizer vibrations and bold drums. The name My Secret Playground says it all! – Its playful combination of 80s sounds, deep house and electro swing proves that there is no fear of clashing with available styles. Clandestine clubs and infamous parties are central to the Berlin way of life, a culture that invariably leads to inspiration. Florian’s past as a drummer and keyboarder for numerous rock- and pop-bands unmistakeably affects his songwriting, as does the wide range of sounds of his international co-musicians of My Secret Session.

My Secret Session is a series of live musical improvisations in which DJs work together with musicians. From its start in 2014 to this day, more than 130 creatives participated in these sessions. There have been residencies in Berlin and Hamburg and festival concerts and events all over Germany. In its actual constellation Florian Herzberg’s band My Secret Playground combines! the best participants of the session-series. Some musical collaborations also originated in the studio, for example the teamwork with New York singer Joya Bravo for the single “My Luck”. In July 2016 this track was part of the compilation “Music from Berlin 4” (Kallias Music), next to well-known artists such as Ante Perry, K-Paul or Lars Moston.

My Secret Playground LIVE @ Kultstätte Keller Berlin (Short Version)

My Secret Session - Techno / Tech House Set LIVE! Teaser

My Secret Playground @ Tausend

The Chemical Brothers GALVANIZE Cover by My Secret Session

LIVE @ ALTER EGO Masquerade Party April 16th 2017 (Band Set)