Los Cabra

Buenos Aires / Argentina
Rural Records

06.06 - Golden Gate, Berlin (DE)
08.06 - Birgit und Bier, Berlin (DE)
09.06 - Hafen Open Air, Berlin (DE)
20.06 - Rockerill, Charleroi (BE)
23.06 - Katerblau, Berlin (DE)
28.06 - Culture Box, Kopenhagen (DK)
06.07 - Berlin Beats and Boats, Berlin (DE)
20.07 - Canary Island, Fuerteventura (ES)
03.07 - Costa Caoarica, Lisbon (POR)
06.08 - Birgit & Bier, Berlin (DE)
07.08 - Sisyphos - Berlin (DE)
19.08 - Golden Gate - Berlin (DE)
20.09 - Katerblau, Berlin (DE)

Los Cabra productions, dj & live sets, are made of the right stern to snowball dance floors worldwide and fill them with epic moments! Christ Burstein & Manuel Sahagun, the guys were drawn to each other by their mutual thirst for deep & melodic music, resulting in the self – named project by 2016.

They achieved worldwide attention after their releases on the mythic BAR 25 Records, Get Physical, Culprit, Gruuv, Zehn, Voltaire and the famous remix for Rey & Kjavik – Mamukte (alongside Sascha Cawa) on RKJVK. With exciting releases coming on Get Physical, Audiojack ́s Gruuv & Rural as well as remixes by artists like Bebetta and Hernan Cattaneo & Lonya Koval.

Los Cabra just presented their new Live show at Arjaus – DJ MAG in South America and we’re happy to have them touring through Europe from August to October.


Label: Gruuv:
Release Date: July 2019
incl. remix by Bebetta


Label: Asymmetric Recordings
Release Date: August 2019
Incl. remix by Hernan Cattaneo & Lonya Koval


Label: Rural
Release Date: 14.06.2019


Body Language Compilation

Label: Get Physical
Release Date: 24.05.2019


Label: ZEHN
Release Date: December 2018
Incl. remix by Pezzner


Label: RKJVK
Release Date: November 2017
Incl. remix by Los Cabra & Sascha Cawa